If you work with ocean color data you likely need a way to batch process multiple files. SeaBatch can help. SeaBatch is a group of bash shell scripts that utilize SeaDAS, the comprehensive image analysis package developed by NASA's Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG), to batch process ocean color data derived from NASA's MODIS (Aqua and Terra) and SeaWiFS sensors. With SeaBatch you can:

SeaBatch is a powerful tool that will greatly assist you with your research. It is free, and an IDL license is not required if using runtime SeaDAS.

SeaBatch is actively being developed by Mike Brown of Dalhousie University.


SeaBatch is free! If you download it please email mike@seabatch.com so that you will be notified of updates. If you find SeaBatch useful in your research please acknowledge us. Thank you!

NOTE: Portions of SeaBatch 1.1 are not compatible with SeaDAS 6.x. An update to SeaBatch is currently being developed, which will address this issue as well as add new features. Please email mike@seabatch.com with any additions you like to see, as well as any questions.

SeaBatch 1.1 (28 KB)

Feedback and Support

We strongly encourage feedback! SeaBatch and this website will continue to develop. Please email mike@seabatch.com with any questions, suggestions, etc. regarding either.